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ShineOff  is an Adobe® Photoshop® compatible Plug-In filter that automatically removes the shine from skin.  The cold white light of the camera flash creates an unnatural shininess on skin.  ShineOff automatically transforms faces and skin areas to a soft and natural looking appearance.  This patent pending technology does not remove luster from the lips nor the sparkle from the teeth or eyes. 

ShineOff can be run on individual images or be combined with other plug-ins in a Photoshop® Action and applied to a set of images in batch mode

ShineOff can be installed as a plug-in in both Photoshop® and Adobe® Photoshop® Elements®.  The Adobe® Photoshop® family of products is the ultimate playground for bringing out the best in your digital images.

The ShineOff Plug-in improves skin tones by eliminating the overly reflective effect of the flash!

 ShineOff:  The digital face powder... 

Notice that the luster of the lips and the sparkle of the eyes remain.


Examples using the ShineOff


The new user interface above now has a slider to control the amount of shine to be removed.  The default value is 75%.  Moving the slider to the left leaves more shine.  Moving the slider to the right removes more shine. 

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