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Motion Picture 16mm and 35mm Film Scanning Services:

Clean digital images require superior scans with optimized resolution, color fidelity, low noise and defect correction applied. Image Trends offers high quality scanning services with output in a variety of digital formats, image sizes and resolutions. We scan the standard formats including Academy, Anamorphic and Full Aperture at full (4K) or half resolution (2K).

Image Trends uses the latest ScanMaster 4000 scanning hardware with Digital ICE automated defect detection and removal technology.  With Digital ICE, the content from the original camera negative is delivered without dust or scratches; the advanced technology provides a clean image without the blurring effects of pixel fill methods used by nearly all software programs.   With this patented technology, the original content under the defect is restored and the digital master file is as if it was captured the day it was originally shot on site.

Our newly announced film scanner, the Image Trends ScanMaster4000, incorporates the latest in low noise high resolution CCD imaging to produce a truly outstanding 4K scan that can be used as a digital Master File.  This high quality scan allows the editing team to work with the cleanest and most stable image possible.

Our scanning technology uses the Academy Award winning Oxberry film transport which is pin registered for maximum image stability.  We scan 4 perforation images. Image Trends records the scanned data to most tape and disk formats.  We will deliver the output on LTO4 tape cartridges or on user supplied portable disk drives.

Imager 4872 x 3248 Progressive Scan Interline CCD
12 bit dynamic range with high quantum efficiency
Film Capacity 2000 feet
Output formats 16bit TIFF
Output Media LT02 or LTO4 tape cartridges
High Speed portable disks - 1 terabyte minimum
Customer supplied or provided by Image Trends at additional charge of cost plus $50
Rates 4K scans  $0.15 per frame ($2.40 per foot) with Digital ICE applied
2K scans  $0.10 per frame ($1.60 per foot) with Digital ICE applied
Setup Charges Initial Customer setup - $100
Setup for each job - $150
Cut list processing Using sequential KeyCodes - $100 per 1000 feet
Custom script processing $200 per 1000 feet
Archive options Disk - $50 per month per terabyte (first month is free)
LTO Tape - Cost of tape cartridges plus $20 per month per terabyte
Shipping and Handling Actual expense

The above fees may change without notice.  All fees will be agreed to prior to accepting order.




ScanMaster 4000
ScanMaster 4000

Digital ICE Technology
Automatically removes scratches, dust, dirt, and other artifacts from images during the scanning process.
From the people who invented and developed Digital ICE.

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