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The Imaging Industry has many fine organizations/associations devoted to the advancement of Imaging. It is our intent to work closely with these organizations for the common good of the Imaging Industry. To learn more about these groups please visit their Web site.

Association of Imaging Executives
A strong union of imaging professionals, AIE encourages entrepreneurial photo imaging executives to lead with visionary ideas and to renew the energy necessary to sustain and grow the industry.

International Imaging Industry Association
Created by the merger of PIMA and the DIG, I3A — the International Imaging Industry Association — represents a strong, more far-reaching voice for the imaging industry. After all, as film-to-digital and digital-to-film technologies have evolved, the dividing lines between the associations and the segments of the industries they represent have blurred. The Internet, as we all know, has dramatically increased the demand for, and the value of, images. And new applications for photographic and imaging technologies are emerging at an ever-increasing rate. To this dynamic environment, the I3A brings together two proven forces, delivering the resources and will to continue to advance the industry in ways that represent the best interests of our members and the customers they serve.

Digital Imaging Marketing Association
Digital Imaging Marketing Association concentrates on how to find customers in the digital imaging market and how to sell to them. The association tracks the market through research studies like DIMA Data and probes the experiences of successful practitioners with special reports like Digital Imaging: Users, Uses and the Technology and Entrepreneurial Digital Imaging Services: Best Practices in an Emerging Industry. DIMA’s goal is be the main information source in the ever-expanding digital imaging market.
Society for Imaging Science and Technology
The Society for Imaging Science and Technology is an international non-profit organization whose goal is to keep members aware of the latest scientific and technological developments in the field of imaging through conferences, journals and other publications. We focus on imaging in all its aspects, with particular emphasis on silver halide, digital printing, electronic imaging, photofinishing, image preservation, image assessment, pre-press technologies and hybrid imaging systems.

The National Association of Photoshop Professionals
NAPP is dedicated almost exclusively to training and education. NAPP delivers training and tutorial content in many ways. NAPP is best known for our award-winning magazine Photoshop User, and our live one-day training seminars. NAPP delivers the equivalent to dozens of magazines on our members-only web site, we help thousands of Photoshop users with their specific questions via our online Help Desk. We conduct four days of classes, twice yearly at our Photoshop World Conference and Expo, and arrange for members to get software and hardware for training at discounted prices.

Photo Marketing Association International
PPMA serves over 17,000 members in 100-plus countries. In addition to the United States, there are membership offices in the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Australia, Brazil, New Zealand, Italy, France and the Czech Republic. PMA members represent almost every segment of the photo/imaging industry: photo/video retailers; wholesale and mail-order photofinishers; retail minilabs; photo retail/studio operators; electronic imaging service centers; commercial, people and corporate/institutional labs; professional school portrait companies; and photo/video repair technicians.

PhotoImaging Manufacturers & Distributors Associations, Inc.
Established in 1939, the Photolmaging Manufacturers & Distributors Association now serves more than 70 member companies helping to promote imaging, involve companies in charting the industry's future and apprise members of new technologies and business methods to help them advance their businesses. Several years ago, the PMDA teamed up with the Photo Marketing Association to create the Photographic Information Council (PlC) which develops public awareness campaigns to promote photography and photo literacy.

Professional Photographers of America

PPA is the world's leading certifying agency for imaging professionals and the world's largest not-for-profit association for professional photographers, with more than 14,000 members in 64 countries. PPA offers consumers free referrals to photographic professionals, as well as acting as a locator service for finding the owners of images.

Wedding & Portrait Photographers International
WPPI is the premier organization for wedding and portrait photographers, committed to helping its members elevate the art, technique and business of professional photography. WPPI's annual trade show and convention have become the most talked about and fastest growing in the industry.

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